3D Printing Apps and Tools for Kids

The future is coming, 3D Printing is revolutionizing manufacturing. Like the computer and internet, 3D Printing will be an integral part of everyone’s life. Operating a 3D Printer will be like opening your laptop and browsing the web. One day, the discussion may not be about where our printed products were manufactured; the question will be, in which room of our house did we create the things we want?


Kids and 3D Printing are the future! Let’s prepare our children for the future. It’s important for children to start learning about 3D Printing as early as possible, but how many kids actually have their own 3D Printers? With a printer at home they have freedom to create, learn, and understand how the technology works. Although some may feel as though 3D Printing is simply a way for kids to experiment and express their creativity, but this technology can be much more practical than that. 3D Printing inspires kids to think, experiment, and solve problems. 3D Printing Technology help them acquire and develop their knowledge in different subjects. These technologies can be applied in geography-printing topographic maps; in history-buildings, replicating objects, fossils, people; biology- printing a cells, skeleton, DNA structure. In fact, learning materials produced for subjects like math and science could inspire them to be an engineers, designers or architect.

Here are some apps and tools to get involved our kids in the world of 3D Printing:

www.leothemakerprince.com –This is a story for kids to learn about 3D Printing.

www.doodle3d.com –App for desktop and tablet. This app can transform your 2D drawings easily into 3D designs. You can draw by hand, scan photos or import existing images.

www.kidscreationstation.com –Using 3D Printing technology they visualize your child’s imagination in a 3 dimensional space.A great way to introduce kids to 3D Printing technology.

www.blokify.com –This is a 3D modeling software that enables kids to create toys, they can play with virtually or physically via 3D Printing. Easy to use, you can print from the app to your home printer or to their printing service.

www.tinkercad.com –It’s a simple, online 3D Design and 3D Printing app for everyone;  designers, teachers, hobbyists, and kids, to make toys, home décor, prototypes.This is great place to start learning 3D Printing for kids and adults.

www.leopoly.com –They have a software solutions which make easy to step into AR / VR and 3D.

www.3dsystems.com -3D Systems educational initiative providing education for kids and curriculums for 3D Printing novices of all ages.

www.einsteinsworkshop.com – they offer various classes on CAD and 3D Design.

Weekly classes and a Hands-On Drop-In Space for children K-8.Teaching Robotics, Coding, Making&Inventing and Game-Based Learning!

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