3D Printing At Its Finest! Take a Look At The New 700 Horsepower 3D Printed Car!

As we can commonly see, 3D printing is making an extremely fast progress and it’s bringing to the scene new interesting and very helpful technologies. The companies are interested in this new progressive technology because of its attraction. However, the interest is getting bigger primary because 3D printing is becoming less and less expensive and accessible for everyone. One of these companies is Divergent 3D, which has created a 700-horsepower, mid-engine, 3D printed supercar.

The company Divergent 3D named this car “The Blade”. The car is an engineering exercise which shows the capabilities of the company. “The Blade” has a tandem center seating and also it’s very beautiful on the outside.

“The Blade” has a weight of just 1388 pounds, which shows that this new revolutionary supercar has an extraordinary power to weight ratio. This innovative, modern and also very powerful supercar has a mid-mounted bored and stroked 2.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. This powerful engine, using the six-speed sequential transmission, sends power to the rear wheels.

CEO Kevin Czinger shows off the new extraodinary supercar

Kevin Czinger, the CEO of the company behind this revolutionary car – Divergent 3D, with great enthusiasm shows off his new innovative and beautiful product at Jay Leno’s Garage. He says that they produced this car with different kinds of metal. There are 3D printed parts in the car that are made of aluminum, titanium. These parts are put all together with the help of 3D metal printing. He also says that the company’s goal is not to sell cars; they are selling this incredible new technology that gives extremely good results.

Like we said in the very beginning 3D printing is the technology of the future. It is expected that the technology of producing these supercars in about ten years will be a part of the traditional car – making.

In addition, you can watch the whole show with Kevin Czinger at Jay Leno’s Garage.

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