See Your 3D Printed Unborn Baby-Hold In Your Hands And Touch Him

Funding out that you are going to have a baby may be one of the happiest days of your life. Will you choose to remember your darling unborn with a 2D ultrasound photo, or with a life-size 3D printed fetus model you can actually hold in your hands and touch him before he is born?

Anything can be 3D printed nowadays, including your unborn baby.
Today you can have a 3D print of your unborn baby made as early as 16 weeks, however the fetus will not be fully formed at that point, but can still be a pretty interesting keepsake. Generally there are suggestions about 3D prints to be made from scans at about 28 weeks when the baby has fully formed facial features and even shows signs of activity like thumb sucking.  Now your 3D printed fetus is available mounted in a frame that can be hung on the wall, or simply put in a box so it can be held and touched.


This isn’t a totally new application of 3D printing tehnology –  in fact, BBC have been reporting on companies offering 3D printed fetuses since 2012.

Japanese firm Fasotec together with Hiroo Ladies Clinic, offer customers the product called Tenshino Katachi or “Shape of an Angel”. It is based on a digital model of the mother’s torso built from CT or MRI scans. That model then gets 3D printed. They are using a process called Bio-Texture. The result is a scale reproduction of your unborn baby.

Hello Baby 3D Prints (  ). They are advising mothers to get a 3D/4D scan performed between 22-28 weeks, perfect time to perform the scan when there is still enough space in the womb to see their baby’s face. Once the 3D/4D scan has been performed, a 3D volume file is exported from the scanning machine and saved on an external drive. A scan performed by a clinic which is in partnership with Hello Baby 3D Prints will be uploaded to’s secure server or the customer goes home with the file to upload themselves. The customer then visits the online store, selects the frame and packaging of their choice and completes the payment order along with their delivery details.

On you just need a beautiful ultrasound (jpg, png ) photo of your baby, upload, order and finish the picture.  Free shipping. You need to make sure that your picture is high-resolution and that the face is clearly visible. This method can only print the child’s face.

Review See Your 3D Printed Unborn Baby-Hold In Your Hands And Touch Him

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