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The Trinus 3D printer is the world’s first all-metal 3D printer. Trinus was launched last year by the company Kodama and it is under $500.

Kodama is a San Francisco based company with team members coming from Apple, Bosch and Porsche.

Now Kodama is making the next move, they made the Obsidian. This 3D printer will be the first 3D printer made for professional applications starting at $99.

“We wanted to create a 3D printer that defies whatʼs on the market. A sleek design, high quality printing, and customizable, all starting at under $100,” – Michael Husmann, the founder of Kodama Inc.

The Obsidian will come in three variations.

The base model $99, the Plus $150 and the Deluxe $250. All three provide 120x120x120 build volume, a built-in spool holder, release nozzle, maximum extruder temperature od 250°C and a magnetic detachable print bed.

The Deluxe version provides better features, such as IOS/Android-powered smart screen, a camera for time-lapses, remote printer control and a heated bed.

The Obsidian is already launched on Kickstarter. With a $100,000 goal they have pledged nearly $900,000 and still 19 days to go.

Here is a Pre-Review for the prototype of Obsidian.


Review Buy a 3D printer just for $99 – The Obsidian

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