Most Common Misconceptions About 3D Printing That You Have Had Heard!

If you are interested in buying new 3D printer, you have probably already heard many misconceptions about them. Although some of them may be true, there definitely are some that are a complete nonsense. 3D printing is not everything that the media is presenting. So, you definitely should know these facts before buying one like a hobbyist or a professional.

First of all you need to be prepared for a good time spent in learning how the machine works. More and more the companies which are selling 3D printers like to present them like a machine that only has a “go” button and does everything by itself. You will need to learn everything about curves; you will face failed prints etc. But it’s very important that you know this now because even though you are a beginner you will have better experience and you will skip the part that everyone is going through at their first time of working on a 3D printer – the disappointment when they get a failed print, mechanical failures etc.

Another misconception is that there is only one type of filament for 3D printer. People mostly think that there is only the PLA filament. The PLA filament for sure has many positive characteristics, but it isn’t the only filament available.  It’s biodegradable, it smells nice, it doesn’t need a heated print bed. Also it is very suitable for beginners. The other option is the ABS filament. This type of filament is more flexible for using and it makes better mechanical parts than the PLA. It works on a 3D printer with an enclosed print chamber.

And finally don’t expect making fast money. Most of the users are disappointed when they don’t have extreme profit in the first period of working with a 3D printer. You will need patience because the profit you make by working with a printer may not be proportional with the printing time, the assembly and your effort.

However, this is a fast-moving technology that can make everything easier and it’s a perfect hobby and it’s every professional’s dream. By keeping in mind these misconceptions, you will make a very good progress and you will learn everything easier and faster.

Review Most Common Misconceptions About 3D Printing That You Have Had Heard!

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