Inov3D printed and painted Deadpool model

The startup company Inov3D is a company that works with embedded electronic systems design, product engineering and 3D model printing. If you are looking for an innovative technology solutions for your electronic systems development needs or to convert your ideas into real viable cost effective product solutions. They are providing above service with the first priority as customer satisfaction.  Inov 3D is providing System Designing circuit designing, analysing, simulation, fabrication,3D printing and 3D models as well.

This 3D model of Deadpool is printed by William Donald of Inov3D Paint Job by Lynne Stewart of Inov3D Made Printable by Malix3Design.

The total print time of this model at 130% speed 0.2500 layer height 3 bottom layers 2 out perimeters 3 top layers on S3D took around 45 Hours

Post process for printing this 3D model of Deadpool includes sanding priming with filler primer priming with white primer joining and fixing the joints took around 12 hours 

Painting the model base coat of red black 2 different browns copper silver grey and white 15 hours.

Inov3D say that the time that they spent on this project might look a lot, but they say they take their time because they want to make the best models possible. They do that we every model they make.

The Deadpool 3D printed model also has electronics embedded in it.

This is a start up company that also sells 3D printers and drones.

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