Japanese Man 3D Printed A Gun And Got Himself A 2 Years Sentence!

Yoshitomo Imura, 28, was sentenced to 2 years in prison after 3D printing a gun on his 3D Printer. This is the first case like this in Japanese court.

The young Japanese bought himself the 3D printer legally. He downloaded the drawings from the internet. As innocent as it may seem, the authorities still considered it braking the law of keeping a weapon.

3D printed gun

Is the 3D printed gun a crime or not?

There have been a lot of statements pro and contra wether this is a crime or not. The case itself got a lot of attention from the media. All together, the opinions are split. There is a group of people who think this is a crime and that Yoshitomo Imura should serve his sentence. On the other hand, there are opinions which state that this is not a crime and that he shouldn’t get such a harsh punishment. When this question was asked to Yoshitomo Imura, he said that he thinks that this isn’t a crime. He says that he made the weapon out of curiosity and that he never thought that this could break the law in such way.

In Japan it was created a special unit dealing with tracking Internet releases of weapon drawings for 3D printers. There is an opinion in the public that this was a sentence to keep citizens frightened and keep them off this kind of business.

On the other hand, this is considered a crime because series of experiments showed that this type of weapon can explode in shooter’s hands after only a few fire shots.

Review Japanese Man 3D Printed A Gun And Got Himself A 2 Years Sentence!

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