Usage Of Large Format 3D Printers – Are They Better?!

The thing that is ideally suited to engineering and manufacturing environments, and also educational environments, are the large format 3D printers. We have seen them used by joiners, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, entrepreneurs, pharmacists and manufacturers. Also, they are transforming higher education institutions. Large format printers are widely used in Masters Degrees, such as the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management MSc.

large format 3d printer

Break free from small build areas with a large format 3D printer and make things easier. You can quickly and economically produce very large individual parts and models or several small-series parts at once.

Advantages of using large format 3D printers:

Engineering and manufacturing industries are using large 3D printers for many causes. Rapid prototyping, small production runs, creating bespoke products or for printing replacement parts etc. For education, on the other hand, professors use large 3D printers for teaching basic engineering skills. Also these printers can improve design and technology curriculum and can offer students a new way to build things. They are doing this by using a technology that’s way beyond plastic injection molding.

large format 3d printer

Did you Know?

  • Large format 3D printers are more powerful than the small ones because it has the capacity to print huge objects. Yes, it can print really big objects like houses, apartments or edifices.
  • 3DP Unlimited has launched a leasing program to make its large-format printers accessible to a wider range of people. They did this by making a partnership with Lease Corporation of America. The open-source printer is one of the largest in the industry. This printer may be especially appealing to businesses, hoping to prototype and produce end products for aerospace and construction industries. We are talking about a printer which is 70 times the size of average desktop machines.
  • Engineers use Large format 3d printers nowadays and they are very helpful to them. It is true that you will need much more space for it, but it is totally worth it.large format 3d printer

Review Usage Of Large Format 3D Printers – Are They Better?!

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