One Of The Finest Techniques – 3D Printing Of Glass

The 3D-printing of glass objects is a modern version of an old Egyptian technique. But through time, this kind of 3D printing of became more and more beautiful. In fact, there is a new process which is developed by Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. This process is predicted to produce more complex glass products, with higher quality than ever.


The process of 3D printing of glass

This process starts with a solution made up of a light-sensitive liquid polymer and nanoparticles of high-purity quartz glass. Using a technique known as stereolytography, engineers are focusing an ultraviolet laser onto that solution at various points. This is causing it to cure and harden at those locations. Step by step, layer by layer, the 3D printer is printing the object.

3d printing

In order to wash away any leftover uncured solution engineers used solvent bath. Then, they are heating the structure at a high temperature. By doing this, the nanoparticles are melting and are fusing together. In the end, they have a beautiful smooth, solid object. Its size is usually form a few micrometers up to several centimeters. Data transmission, optics, biotechnology etc, are the fields that can use this amazing technology.

Review One Of The Finest Techniques – 3D Printing Of Glass

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