Useful 3D Printed Garden Tools- Find Out and Download

Is gardening your hobby and you love working with plants? You are in the right place to discover some fun 3D printed garden accessories.


Watering spout for bottle

If you have a lot of 2 liter bottle at home, you can download, print and screw this watering spout. This is nice and simple accessory for watering your plants



Watering Spout for Gallon Jug

This design you can find here.


Low Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle

Look here.


Watering can nozzle

This piece is an easy print, screws onto the can, comes off easily.

This design you can find here.


Garden Spacer

This is a manual spacing tool for sowing seeds at different spacing’s in a hexagonal pattern.


Hexagonal spacing diagram from How to Grow More Vegetables… (Jeavons 2006). The spacing between plants is equivalent within and between rows, forming a hexagonal lattice of tightly-spaced plants.


Valve handle



Plant pot with name


Garden Rotation Pot for small flowers



Birdhouse for your garden.


Slug Trap

This is a slug trap for killing slugs in the garden.

Read about this slug trap.

3D Print an Attractive and Effective Slug Trap for your Garden.


Simple Hook



Miniature Garden Tools


3D Printable Gardening Tool System




Review Useful 3D Printed Garden Tools- Find Out and Download

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